Hidden in the heart of the Adriatic and cradled by an archipelago of untouched islands, the island of Lastovo is the epitome of natural beauty and the perfect holiday destination abundant in its own organic produce.

Although the oldest written record of Lastovo is from the 4th century, evidence of human inhabitance on the island has been found within the cave Rača, dating back to the Stone Age (approximately 8500 BCE). Initially, Lastovo was inhabited by the Illyrian people and further findings of Greek pottery also indicate that Lastovo was a Greek trading path in the Adriatic Sea. According to some authors, it was also part of the Greek colony of Issa, whose center was on the island of Vis.

Things to do

Lastovo is the ideal destination to escape to, relax and rest the body and soul.

Here are five must do’s during your stay:

  1. Explore the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park
    The Lastovo Archipelago was declared a nature park by the Croatian Parliament on 29 September 2006. It is the eleventh nature park in Croatia. The Park consists of 44 islands, islets, rocks and reefs (the largest of them are Lastovo and Sušac) covering a total area of 53 square kilometres of land and 143 square kilometres of sea. Its borders are lit by the stone lighthouses of Sušac, Tajan, Glavat and Struga.

    The Lastovo Archipelago was declared a nature park due to its mystic beauty, immense landscape value, thick forests and fertile fields rich with ponds, high coastal cliffs, land and sea caves, numerous rare sea and land species and habitats.
    The Lastovo Archipelago has a rich cultural and historical heritage – numerous stone churches and chapels, picturesque chimneys and the traditional Lastovo Carnival, but one must not forget local inhabitants, who prove that the coexistence of man and nature is possible with developed environmental awareness. More info on
  2. Experience Lastovo’s Poklad Carnival
    The Lastovo Carnival is one of the most famous in Croatia. It was first mentioned in 1390, in The Statute of Lastovo, one of the oldest in Europe, as a „Carnevale“ - time for fun,  relaxation  and escape from everyday life.
    Legend says that Lastovo Carnival is celebrated in memory of an old historic event when Catalan pirates attacked neighboring Korčula and sent a messenger to Lastovo with a request to surrender. Instead of surrendering, the inhabitants of Lastovo armed themselves and attacked. Women and children prayed to Sv. Jure for help and the help came in form of a storm which destroyed the Catalan fleet on its way to Lastovo.  Later the islanders captured the messenger, took him through the village on a donkey to mock him, and let him down 300 meters of rope before they set him on fire.
    This event is celebrated as the Carnival every year over a period of three days. Locals enjoy this event very much and islanders from all around Croatia return to Lastovo to attend the carnival.
  3. Relax on Lastovo’s beaches
    Where better to relax in Croatia than on a beach? Lastovo’s coast offers an array of beautiful bays surrounded by crystal clear waters encircling its dense forests. Its natural rocky beaches are ideal locations for meditating and for active vacations.
  4. Try Lastovo’s fresh seafood
    As one would expect for a remote island, the fruits of the Adriatic feature heavily on the island menus, and one thing is guaranteed - the fish will be fresh! For a splurge, try the local lobster, which is renowned in the region.
  5. Wine tasting

    Like the majority of Dalmatia, wine is an essential part of everyday life on Lastovo. Wines made on the island are of top quality. Don’t miss out tasting the most famous red wine of the region the “Plavac Mali”. We highly recommend exploring the vineyards and wine tasting to become more familiar with the locals, the history of the island and of course the wines.