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  • How can I confirm and pay for a flight booking?

    Booking a flight with us is easy! Flight can be booked:

    -        Directly using our reservation system (

    -        At any of our seaports

    -        Booking requests can be sent to or you can contact our reservations team at +38521444813.

    For online bookings, we accept all major credit cards. If you want to pay with American Express or in cash, visit any one of our seaports and our staff will be pleased to make your booking on your behalf!

  • How much luggage can each passenger take?

    Our luggage restrictions depend on the fare class purchased.
    The baggage allowance for the Flex Fare and Best Fare class: 15kg checked luggage + 5kg small hand luggage is permitted without any surcharge. Overweight luggage is charged at 5 EUR per kg.
    The baggage allowance for the Smart Fare class: 5kg small hand luggage is permitted without any surcharge. Overweight luggage is charged at 5 EUR per kg.
    (Accepted cabin baggage dimensions - 40 x 50 x 20 cm)

  • How can I cancel or change a flight?

    Once you received your booking number you will be able to log into our reservation system and be able to change or cancel your reservation at any given time in a simple and logical customer interface. Managing your reservations will never become more easy than with European Coastal Airlines.

  • Why can I not complete my booking on-line?

    To complete your booking and payment, please be sure that you have filled out all mandatory fields and have agreed to the terms & conditions.

  • What is the difference between SmartFare, BestFare and FlexFare rates?

    We like to offer our passengers the option of choice and as such, we offer tickets at SmartFare, BestFare and FlexFare rates.


    - We would like to inform you that each passenger may travel with one (1) piece of carry-on baggage up to 5kgs. Overweight baggage will be charged 5 EUR per kg/per person/per one way.

    - This booking cannot be amended.

    - This booking is non-refundable.


    - We would like to inform you that each passenger may check-in 15kg of lugagge and carry up to 5kg of cabin baggage. Overweight baggage will be charged 5 EUR per kg/per one way flight.

    - Booking amendments are permitted up to 15 days prior to scheduled departure and will be charged 30 EUR.

    - This is a non-refundable booking.


    - We would like to inform you that each passenger may check-in 15kg of lugagge and carry up to 5kg of cabin baggage. Overweight baggage will be charged 5 EUR per kg/per one way flight.

    - There is no cancellation fee for your booking, up to 6 hours prior to scheduled departure.There is no amendement fee for your booking, up to 6 hours prior to scheduled departure.

    - You are entitled to one (1) free beverage per person listed on this booking confirmation at our FlyIn Cafe after you check-in. Only applicable for hot beverages. Only applicable at ECA Seaports with FlyIn Cafe.

  • How long before the flight do I have to check in?

    Please be at the terminal at least 30 minutes prior departure. Use this time for a coffee or choose from our snack bar and relax with us before you depart.

  • What happens with bad weather? Cancellations?

    In the unlikely event of a cancellation of the flight due to bad weather, you will be able to re-book your flight without any additional costs or inconvenience. If you would like to cancel your trip completely, we will simply refund your ticket cost.

  • Do you offer Shuttle Services and where are the pick-up/drop-off locations?

    Yes, in addition to flights, we offer shuttle transfers to/from our seaports. Currently, we are offering the following shuttle transfer options:

    Jelsa Seaport <> Hvar Town (shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off point: main bus station in Hvar Town)

    Jelsa Seaport <> Stari Grad (shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off point: main bus station in Stari Grad)

    Split Downtown Seaport <> Resnik - Split Airport (shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off point: Split Airport)

    *Please contact if you are arriving to the Split Airport and require a transfer to the Split Downtown seaport – we are happy to arrange that our staff greet you upon your arrival!

    Split Downtown Seaport <> Le Meridien Lav (pick-up/drop-off point: Main Entrance of Le Meridien Lav Hotel)

    Split Downtown Seaport <> Međugorje

    Rijeka Airport <> Rijeka Downtown (shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off point: main bus station in Rijeka Downtown)

  • Where are your seaports located?
    Seaport Address   Contact number Contact E-Mail
    Jelsa Mala banda 21465 Jelsa +385 21 762 024
    Korčula (Lumbarda) Lumbarda 493 20263 Lumbarda +38521444813
    Lastovo Obala lastovskih ribara 4 20290 Ubli +385 20 805 050
    Mali Lošinj Velopin 33 51550 Mali +38551620564
    Novalja Šetalište hrvatskih mornara 1 53291 Novalja +38521444813
    Rab Šetalište Kapetana Ivana Dominisa 4 51280 Rab +385 51 214 187
    Resnik Put Divulja 17 21217 Kaštel Štafilić +385 21 895 010
    Rijeka Riva BB 51280 Rijeka +38551588075
    Split Downtown Kneza Domagoja 3 21000 Split +385 91 322 0082
    Pula Riva 1/A 52100 Pula +385 52 647 416
    Vela Luka Obala 4 20270 Vela Luka +385 20 812 031


  • Do you have an office at the Split Airport?

    Yes, we have and ECA Airport office which is located near the arrivals terminal. When you arrive at the Split Airport, come visit us as our staff will be pleased to assist you with transfers to our seaports!

    We offer free shuttle bus transfer from the Split Airport and our seaport in Resnik (Resnik – Split Airport Seaside).

    Split Airport Ticket Office

    Ground Floor, Arrivals

    Tel: +38521444818


  • Can I travel with a pet?

    It is allowed to accept only two animals, two dogs or two cats, on the same flight, but one dog and one cat cannot be accepted.

    The animal must:

    • Be clean, healthy, harmless and odourless,
    • Not be pregnant,
    • Not annoy other passengers,
    • Be booked in advance,
    • Be kept in a leak-proof container during the whole flight

    Requirements for the kennel:

    • the animal must be able to stand with its head extended and must have enough space to move
    • feeding and watering facilities must be available
    • it must be leakproof and the floor must be covered with absorbent material
    • it shall be ventilated on at least 3 sides
    • it has to be solid and escape-proof

    Maximum weight of the animal, including the container: 5 kg

    The weight of the PETC and the container are never included in the free baggage allowance has to be charged. Service animals accompanying a disabled person are excluded.

    ECA has the final authority to deny transportation if safety on board is likely to be endangered.

  • Can I travel with a bicycle?

    You can travel with your bicycle. Bicycles will be considered excess/accompanied baggage and charged according to our excess baggage fees. In order for bicyles to be accepted on-board, they must be packaged in the smallest form.

  • Travelling with children - is there any difference with a regular airline?

    The most noted difference travelling with ECA – it is just much more fun than a regular airline!

    Infants (0-2 years) travel free and tickets for children (2-12 years) are discounted at 50%. Baby strollers are permitted on-board at no additional cost.

  • Can children travel alone?

    Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult on all ECA flights.

  • Do you cater for passengers with disabilities?

    Yes, all our facilities are designed to cater for handicapped people. If you need our support or in case you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are committed to make your flight experience with us as comfortable as possible.

  • Are discounts available for frequent flyers and local people?

    Our passengers are important to us and as such, we offer dynamic pricing on all of our flights. For each flight, we offer three fare classes - Smart Fare, Best Fare, Flex Fare.

  • Can I reserve a seat on-board the aircraft?

    Seat reservation is not available. Should you have a special seating request, feel free to inform one of our team members prior to boarding.

  • Do I need to provide my passport to travel?

    Our goal is to make traveling as easy and stress-free as possible. For all domestic flights within Croatia, your passport is not required. Any piece of photo ID will be accepted.

    *For all international flights, passport and ID card information is required.

  • What transfer facilities will be in place?

    We will offer a bar, bistro and restaurant as well as a lounge, sun deck and restrooms. You will explore a new definition of "waiting" at our facilities. We call it: Xperience more.

  • How is the passenger experience different from a regular aeroplane?

    First of all you fly with breathtaking views as we are flying the Adriatic at an maximum altitude of 2500m. You do not have to be at the airport two hours prior departure, nor are we complicating things with passport or any other exaggerated controls. Instead of boring waiting areas you are next to the beautiful Adriatic sea zipping a coffee or a cocktail…and, and, and...

  • How noisy is it?

    Our planes are respecting European and Croatian laws at anytime. The regular noise pollution is therefore even lower than you might be used to from boats or ferries. The manufacturer was taking particular care of noise pollution reduction when the Twin Otter was refined.

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