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Dynamic pricing

Like many airlines, European Coastal Airlines uses dynamic pricing to set the price of its tickets. 

Dynamic pricing means that seats on a particular flight are priced differently according to the level of demand for the seats still to be sold. Very simply, the higher the demand for seats, the more expensive they are likely to be. Demand tends to get stronger as the flight gets closer to departure so prices will tend to go up. The less expensive seats will always be sold first. If, on rare occasions, demand begins to weaken, prices may drop. We always suggest to book as early as possible as you’re more likely to get a lower priced seat compared to if you’d waited. 
From time to time, European Coastal Airlines may offer special discount promotions on selected seats or routes during certain travel periods.  During these promotional periods, seats will be discounted from their normal fare, resulting in a lower price being available than was offered previously. These discounted seats remain at a fixed lower price until a customer buys them or the promotion ends.