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While our seaports are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for our passengers, they are also available for private hire at times which do not coincide with our flying schedule.

Given our prime locations, why not consider talking to us about using our seaport for that special event - a birthday, wedding reception, or any other social gathering? 

Please contact us to see how we can help ensure that your event will be an extraordinary experience, in a prime location, in the heart of the city! For more information contact us at

Please send us your questions to



There are a number of services and facilities offered by ECA, which are beneficial for our passengers:

  1. FlyIn Caffe Bar
  2. Luxury waiting area
  3. Terrace and sundeck
  4. Full sanitary facilities
  5. Merchandizing Shop
  6. Lounge
  7. Highest European Safety & Quality standards
  8. Ready for handicapped
  9. Ready for infants (changing rooms)
  10. Customs Clearance & Control

Additional Advantages and Points of Interest:

  1. Designed by Croatians
  2. Engineered by Croatian Companies
  3. Pontoon built in Croatia
  4. Terminal structure made in Croatia
  5. Certificated by Croatian Register
  6. Certificated by Shipping and Germanischer Lloyd


The ECA concept


We strive to create the ultimate ECA experience for our guests.

Our Seaport Terminals are located on mainland and island destinations throughout Croatia. They are designed to make you feel comfortable and allow you to relax prior to your departure to your onward destination. Enjoy a beverage at our FlyIn Cafe, tantalize your taste buds with Mediterranean Cuisine at our Bistro or simply relax on our sun deck, while enjoying the serene surroundings. Leave all the work to our team and just fly.