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The country's most promising all-round-city-break destination

While Split may today be the capital of Dalmatia, it lived in the shadows of the more powerful neighbour of Salona. Split's fortunes began to change when Emperor Diocletian, who ruled from 224 AD to 305 AD) started the construction of a lavish retirement home, which today remains the city's top attraction 1700 years later - Diocletian's Palace.

Although the origins of Split are often associated with the Roman construction of Diocletian's Palace, the city was actually founded by the Greeks in the 4th century, as the Greek colony of Aspalathos, or Spalathos. The settlement traded with the local Illyrian tribes, including the Delmatae. Roman domination came after the Illyrian wars of 219 to 229 BC, and they then founded the Province of Dalmatia.


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Things to do

  1. Wine
    The wines of Dalmatia have embarked on an exciting journey of international recognition, as more people discover one of the region's lesser-known secrets, the wines are fabulous! Powered by Croatia's most noble grape Plavac Mali (which is related to Zinfandel), wines from the region are being exported all over the world, from California to China.
    The wine growing tradition dates back thousands of years, and there are some great stories, vineyards and bottles to enjoy. There are also some fascinating bespoke wine tours to try, with Culinary Croatia. (www.culinary-croatia.com/wine-tours.html)

  2. Sightseeing
    There are few more fun and flexible ways to see and enjoy a city than a hop on, hop off bus tour, and Split is no exception.
    While a bus might struggle to get through the warren of streets within the palace walls, there is much more to the city to be discovered away from its main tourist attraction.
    The Split Vision City Tour comes complete with live guide commentary, an informative map and a well-designed route, you can hop on and hop off as often as you like with your ticket, which is valid for 24 hours.

  3. Culture
    Discover the sights, sounds, smells and history of Diocletian's Palace, with a walking tour of 1700 years of Split history within the palace walls. While Diocletian's Palace is a palace built by a Roman Emperor, there have been many of historical events and changes over the centuries, and there can be few places in the world with such a compelling and diverse history.

  4. Activities
    Split is a top destination for adrenaline junkies. From the pristine Adriatic offering sailing and kayaking challenges, to hiking and rock climbing on Biokovo, there is no shortage of activities for people who want to keep active on holiday. Among the best activity providers are CroActive Holidays (Majstora Jurja 5; +385(0)21 277 344; www.croactive-holidays.com), who offer a range of innovative options, both in and around Split and through their sister company on the island of Hvar. From a half-day kayak around the Marjan peninsula to a 7-day hike through the mountains of Dalmatia, there is a tour for anyone looking to add a little action to their Dalmatian holiday.

  5. Segway Tour
    There is no denying the popularity of Segway, and the ease and flexibility it offers tourists to discover a destination has already made it one of the most popular things to do in Split.
    Segway Split (Plinarska 23; +385 (0)91 333 1451; www.segwaytoursplit.com) offer a variety of guided tours around the city, by day and by night, to allow you to get the very best out of your stay in Split.




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