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Croatia's main ferry port

Boasting antiquities aplenty, cool cafe-bars, highly individual restaurants and a rash of new, quality hotels, Croatia's main ferry port is also the country's most promising all-round-city-break destination.

Trogir's rich history is reflected in its cultural heritage and UNESCO status, and the town has seen more than its fair share of action and intrigue over the centuries.
The original inhabitants are credited as being the Illyrians, who settled on present-day Trogir. The Doric Greeks were the first to colonise the area, forming the colony of Tragurion in the third century BC, and Greek historians of the period refer to Trogir as an 'island and city'.    


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Things to do

Trogir is a compact destination, steeped in history and tradition. Here are five things not to miss:

  1. Walk the historic UNESCO listed town
    There are several walking tours of the historic old town, and there is no better introduction that a gentle 90-minute stroll around the thousands of years of history. Here you will find, among others, Greek, Roman and Venetian history, and the expert local guides will bring the old town to life. A tiny oasis of culture surrounded by water on all sides, don't miss the famous Cathedral of St Lawrence, the remnants of the city walls, the rich collection of art produced by local sculptors, as well as various palaces, and of course the narrow, atmospheric streets of one of Croatia's most enchanting old towns. 
  2. Climb the bell tower
    For the best views in town, head to the bell tower of St Michael. The Cathedral of St Lawrence features the 14th century bell tower 47m / 154ft high. Visitors can climb to the tower, usually before noon, for a small fee. Not for the fainthearted, the narrow steps put off many tourists, but the spectacular views from the top are ample reward for the brave.
  3. Beaches!
    It is impossible to come to the Dalmatian coast and not find your way to the beach. Trogir and surrounding areas has some great beaches. Looking for five of the best in the area? Click here
  4. Pantan Nature Preserve
    While the Adriatic may be the most obvious water attraction in Trogir, the Pantan Nature Preserve near the town is perhaps the most interesting. One of the top ornothological sites in Croatia, the swampy preserve is home to a diverse and rare selection of birds and other creatures. One of the best ways to experience is it on a sea kayaking tour which can be organised locally.
  5. Kamerlengo Fortress
    There are few more impressive waterfront buildings that the mighty Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir. Having occupied the town in 1420, the Venetians expanded the existing 14th century tower to create the fortress. Named after a public servant responsible for economic and financial affairs, the modern fortress is open for viewing, and the views are spectacular.



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