Welcome to Rab - island of the scents and colours of nature

The island of the rich and turbulent past, inhabited by the Illyrians to 360 years. BC. 

Throughout its long history the island of Rab (or Arba, Arbia or Arbiana - Latin name for Rab) was dominated by many rulers; the Illyrians, the ancient Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, croatian Kings, Venetians, Hungarians, Habsburgs, Napoleon... All of them have left traces in the cultural heritage and tradition, archaeological sights and monuments. The most interesting is of course the town of Rab itself: its antique town plan, its walls, churches, palaces and portals.. However interesting are also the island villages with their old churches, monasteries and the remains of ancient fortifications and old traditional houses.


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Things to do


  1. Rapska fjera
    Rapska fjera is a three-day event, which every year from 22 to 27 July takes part on the streets of the town of Rab since 2002, revived municipal holidays. The first time they announced on July 21 1364, in honor of King Louis the Great, who liberated Rab from the Venetians and in honor of St. Christopher, the patron saint of Rab, whose power according to legend saved Rab.

  2. Knight games
    Rab Knight games is a medieval event, which was renovated in 1995. They were held since 1364 in memory of the knights who defend the city. Their distinctiveness from the ancient crossbows kind used at the tournaments only other balastijeri from San Marino.

  3. Forest Park Komrčar
    Rab, thanks to its mild and pleasant climate, has a lot of forests and even three hundred sources of drinking water! Credits for the mild climate undoubtedly belong to the hill Kamenjak in the eastern part of the island that it protects from the cold northern wind that blows from the nearby mainland. The early inhabitants of Rab acquired environmental awareness, proving the forest park Komrčar on the southwest side of the island, alongside the town. On an area of 10 hectares that is, except for the abundance of Mediterranean vegetation and exotic plants and trees, provides a range of birds and butterflies, including the Cleopatra Žućak and especially beautiful indigenous forests of holm oak and Aleppo pine. So it makes it so easy in just few minutes away from the central square, to find a place to rest and enjoy in multiple ways.

  4. The pleasure of diving
    If you want to go diving from the lovliest island in the Adriatic and what's more in the most beautiful area for underwater diving, you've got to come to the island of Rab. This is an island of outstanding beauty and of distinctive aromatic scents, which stem from the abundance of the medicinal herbs to be found here, and it offers sensational enjojment in its submarine world as well.

  5. Trails and paths
    On foot or by bike you can connect multiple pleasures in one: a tour of natural and cultural attractions, swimming on beautiful beaches, walk along the beach, the woods, the old town ... or the best, do it all together! Walk the most attractive paths.
    Footpath Lopar is one of the most beautiful because it includes sand beaches, forest trails and Mediterranean plants. Kalifront on the other hand walking trail, connects the beautiful woods of holm oak and pine trees that lead to beautiful coves.
    Supetarska Draga - Gonar, the trail leading from the town of Rab to the cove Gonar in Supetarska draga.  Probably the biggest attraction for many walking trails Rab - Mundanije which includes the most attractive locations of Komrcar parks in the center of Rab to the highest peak on the island in Mundanije. Along the coast path passes Banjol - Barbat - Lungo Mare, which leads from Rab to the picturesque fishing villages Banjol and Barbat. A populated area there are the ruins of an early Christian fortress St. Damjan with beautiful views over the canal and Rab.




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