Pescara Airport

Visit Pescara - the picturesque Marina on the Adriatic sea.

Pescara today is the largest and the most populated city of the Abruzzo region. Besides, it is one of the most important centers from the economic, commercial, as well as tourist centers on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.


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Things to do

  1. Pedestrian and cycle bridge
    This pedestrian bridge was opened in 2010.They made people's life a lot easier so that they can cross to the other side of the city. They opened this bridge on the sea,which is a pedestrian and bicycle structure that connects the two banks of the river. The two roadways, one pedestrian and one for bikes, are united behind the two banks.
    The length is 465 meters in total, and from there you can admire the two coasts, ‘flying’ over the river of Pescara. The top in the middle of the fairway is located at a height of 15.94 meters. From the bridge, located in the port area of the City, you can view the construction work funded partly by private investors. The bridge structure is particularly futuristic.
    This is a beautiful pedestrian bridge with the signature of the architect Walter Pichler.

  2. Pescara Port
    Pescara has a big harbor. Pescara harbor is an Italian port, stretching along the Adriatic Coast, and is of significance for the trading and tourism around the region. The port covers a dock, a freight yard and a sea bridge.
    The port of Pescara has a ferry service to Turkey, Albania, Greece and Greek islands. Pescara harbor economy has greatly developed in the 20th century. It has hydroelectric power and modern road and rail. If you have the time, make sure you visit it.

  3. Impressive sculpture -The Fountain
    It is called The Fountain, The Ship because of the shape. it looks like a ship, if taking the photos in different angle. It is designed by Pietro Cascella, who is a graduate of the Academy of Rome and after practicing painting he began to devote himself to sculpture in stone and bronze, till the early 50s.
    The work in question is from 1987 and is made of carrara marble. It is located on the seafront of Pescara. The author seeks to represent in his works a sense of power and energy, which recalls the great tradition of archaic.
    The sculpture is located on the seafront of Pescara. Along this boulevard you can do some good walking or cycling and there are several good restaurants with outdoor terraces and beach bars. This is a popular bathing place for Italians in summer time. Italians enjoy the beautiful and clean beaches of Pescara - ‘Pescara Lido’. The sea here is usually very still, which is ideal for small children.

  4. Government Palace
    This is a beautiful and impressive building in the outskirts of the city. It Is the administrative heart of the city. The Palace was built in the first half of the twentieth century - 1927. It currently houses the offices of the Provincial Administration. The facade is in white stone, decorated with sculptures representing the river, the mining, agriculture and the sea.
    If you can get inside, make sure to check a famous painting by Francesco Paolo Michetti –‘The daughter of Jorio’. Sounds not so famous but it is known in the area.
    The atrium of the entrance is accessed through a wide marble staircase at the salon of marbles. Here you can admire the ceramic tiles in relief representing the coats of arms of all the municipalities of the Province of Pescara. There is also located the provincial library.

  5. Go to the beach
    The Pescara area has plenty of beautiful sand beaches. There are plenty of beach chairs along the Pescara coast. They also have many restaurants and nightclubs.
    Generally the widest beaches are located in the north area, where incidentally at night, many of those lidos turn themselves into trendy disco-bars - whilst in the central area lidos may sometime be a little crowded on weekends.



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