„Lumbarda is a  village situated on the eastern part of the island Korčula. What makes Lumbarda so special is it's vivid untouched nature, rugged coastline , crystal clear sea that surrounds it, sandy beaches that are rare on the Adriatic coast and  rich history saved in written documents that are older than two milleniums.“

Lumbarda is a village located at the end of the island, 6 kilometers ,east from the town of Korčula. It has more than 1000 inhabitants. It consists of several hamlets scattered along the coast,small coves and hills that are surrounded by vast fields of vineyards. There are two distinct varieties of cultivated grapevine: Plavac and Grk. Lumbarda will most certainly delight you with its beauty , especially its sandy beaches. Archaeological remains show that Greeks were first to establish these agricultural settlements and there are artefacts dating from the IV-th century BC which you can see in the City Museum of Korčula.The most important is „Psephism“ of Lumbarda . Lumbarda is also famous for stone cutting and was the bith place of two famous sculptors, Frano Kršinić and Ivo Lozica.


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5 things to do

  1. Visit the most beautiful and popular Lumbarda beaches:
    „Vela Pržina“ is the biggest natural sandy beach on the island of Korčula.It is situated on the big bay on the southern side of Lumbarda, which is opened to the sea and protected from the nothern winds, overlooking the island of Lastovo. 
    Sandy beach „Bilin žal“ -Another sandy beach in Lumbarda is named „Bilin žal“. It is on opposite side of Vela Pržina beach, and the distance between them is just few minutes walking through Grk vineyards.The sea is crystal clear, so diving around the coast of the beach is a real pleasure.
    Sandy beach „Tatinja“ is situated on the northern side of Lumbarda about 300 m from the centre. There is a beautiful view of the Korčula archipelago and peninsula Pelješac. 
    „Beach in Marina Lumbarda“- In center of Lumbarda, on north side of Marina there is pebble beach looking to Lumbarda islands and Pelješac peninsula. On the beach there is a nice cocktail bar. People can rent boats, jet skies, kayaks and go to windsurf school.

  2. Folklore nights Wednesdays
    Every Wednesday, during tourist season, the cultural association „Ivo Lozica“ organizes „Folklore nights“ where you can enjoy in the performances of famous traditional dalmatian dances („Lumbarajski stari bali“, „Ero s onoga svijeta“) accompanied by the local marching band . Folklore nights take place on the terrace of restaurant-caffe bar „Maestral“ in the centre of Lumbarda.

  3. Fishermen's evenings Fridays 
    If you wish to experience true Dalmatia with fish specialties, homemade wine and music for reasonable prices, join Fishermen's nights every Friday in Lumbarda.

  4. Grk Wine Festival
    On the plateau in front of the Community office of Lumbarda, during  tourist season  (July and August) the Grk Wine Festivals are held.

  5. Wine tastings from the local winemakers
    on the link of the Lumbarda tourist board web site, you can find the list of local winemakers: www.tz-lumbarda.hr



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