A hidden treasure in the Mediterranean as it once was


People come to Lastovo to relax, and given its remote location, it is not a place that many people stumble upon by accident.

With its collection of 44 small islands and islets, Lastovo is rich in natural beaches and is the ideal destination for underwater activities.

On the east side of the island, there are groups of islands called Lastovnjaci and Vrhovnjaci that hide numerous bays with beautiful beaches. Residing on the island of Mladine is of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island known as Saplun. In the western isles of Lastovo, you can find Lastovo’s famous diving location among the island of Bjelac, and many more beaches on the islands Prežba and Mrčara.

Lastovo’s extreme coastal indentation will surely allow you to find a beach that will be your own piece of paradise.



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