A hidden treasure in the Mediterranean as it once was


There are a range of accommodation possibilities on Lastovo, including its hotel, campsite, private houses, rooms, apartments, and lighthouses. We are sure you will find an option that suits you!


Hotel Solitudo is located in Pasadur on the intersection of two extremely picturesque bays called Velo and MaloLago. The hotel has 73 beds and is located only 20 meters away from the beach. The hotel is surrounded by a thick pine forest, wonderful natural beaches and Lastovo’s crystal clear sea.

Private Accommodation

Like most places in Croatia, private accommodation provides you with the largest selection of options on Lastovo. From private villas to apartments, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. To ensure your travels to Lastovo will reward you with a room to wind down and rest in, it is highly recommended to book your accommodation in advance.


The camping ground Skriveni is located on the south side of the island, 6 kilometers from the town of Lastovo. It is surrounded by two bays, Skrivena Luka – one of the largest and most beautiful bays on Lastovo – and Uska, a deep and narrow inlet with a beautiful isolated beach and crystal clear waters. The camp is located in a valley protected by hills in a thick olive grove, which further adds to the private and serene atmosphere of the camp.

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