Welcome to Jelsa, one of Dalmatia's true hidden gems, with something for everyone

Welcome to Jelsa, one of Dalmatia's true hidden gems, with something for everyone.

Tradition? Check out the unique 500 year-old UNESCO Easter Procession. Heritage? Choose from Neolithic, Illyrian, Greek and Roman attractions. Wine? Meet some of the country's leading producers on the island with a 2400 year wine tradition. Beaches - sandy or rocky, the choice is yours. Activities? Jelsa is the base for a variety of challenges from sea kayaking to rock climbing. Or why not just chill on the main square and take in this most relaxing destination. Fly with us to discover it!  


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5 things to do

We bring you five ideas to make use of your time when you arrive at the island by our seaplane:

  1. Wine tours
    Throughout the centuries of rich and turbulent history, people on Hvar cultivated their vineyards. Grapes and wine gave them safety: food and medicine. They grew some of numerous local varieties, but the challenge still remains: how to turn this richness and harmony into great wines. Experience Hvar on hedonistic way, the way that people live here for hundreds of years, disarmed and beauty stunned delight. Find the primeval and indigenous, discover Dalmatian in yourself.
  2. Beaches
    In the city center there are beaches with concrete plateaus. On the beaches you have to pay fee to rent chairs and umbrellas. The bay Mina is a sandy beach. Numerous small rocky and sandy beaches are located east of the town of Jelsa.
  3. The main square and Jelsa's famous ice cream
    Hvar ice cream is a popular part of any holiday, and nowhere does it better than Jelsa, which is famous for its ice cream. Jelsa celebrated 50 years of ice cream in 2013, and the place to drop in for a cone or two is Eis Caffe Jelsa on the edge of the main square. The picturesque main square is the centre of life in Jelsa, a relaxed and compact place served by seven cafes, and one where your desire to do anything more than people watch and indulge in a leisurely coffee will quickly disappear. Relaxation therapy at its best. 
  4. Get active with a range of sports
    For those intent on a little activity, however, Jelsa is an ideal base to explore the rich adventure offers of Hvar. With its own sports centre, tennis courts, paintball centre and rowing club, there is plenty to do in the town itself, but the real fun starts when hooking with an experienced agency such as Hvar Adventure, who can make the island really come to life with their extensive programmes of cycling, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and sailing. Check out for more details. 
  5. Heritage back to Neolithic times
    Jelsa and its surroundings have an outstanding selection of heritage sites to visit - check the local tourist board for details. These include the spectacular Neolithic cave of Grapceva Spilja, next to the impressive eco-village of Humac, the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain, and the Greek tower of Tor.



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