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Auf dem Gebiet des heutigen Rijeka wurden die ersten Spuren der Menschen aus der Zeit des Paläolithikums und Neolithikums gefunden sowie Überreste des vorgeschichtlichen Bauten (Solinoberhalb von Martinšćica, Trsatski brijeg und Veli vrh– Gradišće oberhalb der Rječina) aus der Bronze- und Eisenzeit. Diese Art von Siedlung dominierte in der Bucht von Rijeka und sicherte den Hafen zu Illyrierzeiten (Liburnien).


Top 5 Empfehlungen

  1. Korzo
    Rijeka is reflected in Korzo, at Korzo you can read Rijeka. Anyone who, at least once, had a coffee at one of the terraces of numerous and picturesque café bars lined along this unusual promenade, would agree. Anyone who was at least once sitting on one of the benches placed at Korzo, precisely for this purpose, as well as-those who were looking at the most picturesque city’s street from the “top” of some of the most popular meeting places of Rijeka’s citizens, located at the top floors of buildings.
  2. Trsat castle
    The Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed lookout on a hill 138 meters above sea level dominating Rijeka. It was mentioned as a parochial centre for the first time in 1288. At this same site there was a Liburnian observation post from prehistoric times, used for monitoring the roads leading from the hinterland to the coast. This location served well to the Romans to establish their defence system, the so-called Liburnian limes, whose starting point was the Tarsatica fortress town – which was situated at the site of today's Old City of Rijeka.
  3. Formers Governer's Palace
    The construction of the Governor’s Palace began in 1892 at the time of the Governor Lajos Batthyány and based on the design of one of the leading Hungarian architects of the time, Alajos Hauszmann, who had already proved himself on the project of the King's Palace and the Parliament building in Budapest. Today it houses the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral founded in 1961, which contains a maritime, cultural and historical, ethnographic and archaeological department.
  4. Astronomical centre Rijeka
    The Astronomical Centre Rijeka is the only facility of its kind in Croatia. It was opened in 2009 above the city, in the former fortress which dates back to the Second World War. In 2001 a telescope protected by a mobile dome was installed in one of the four fortress towers. Today it is the first astronomy centre in Croatia that includes both an observatory and a planetarium. It is also the only planetarium in Croatia and the wider region with digital technology. Its programme takes place within a spherical dome which can host up to 52 visitors. Here you can enjoy films and presentations dedicated to the immensity of the universe. The planetarium is part of the International Planetarium Society.
  5. Peek&Pooke Computer museum
    Those who peek into Rijeka’s computer museum and poke through its past will be amazed by the speed at which our technological future has become our past. Under the name Peek&Poke, it is the first Croatian museum of computers and computer equipment. Opened in 2007, it welcomes its visitors with exhibits that date back to the 1960s. Some of the oldest exhibits include the pioneers of computer technology, such as Minivac (1961), the first big series personal computer (Apple II), the first affordable home computer (Sinclair ZX80), the first palmtop (Newton), the computer on which Andy Warhol made his art (Amiga 1000) and the great-grandfather of all modern personal computers - the original IBM PC.



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