Korčula enchants the senses with its timeless beauty and casts an everlasting spell of wonder on those who tread upon its ancient stone

Korčula begeistert die Sinne mit zeitloser Eleganz und einer endlosen Faszination sobald du die Stadt erreichst. Du kannst nicht warten? Entdecke Sie vorrab genau hier.

Wie auch auf vielen anderen dalmatischen Inseln waren die erstern bekannten Einwohner Korčulas die Illyrer, deren tägliches Auskommen vom Fischfang und dem Ackerbau abhing.

Die Ankunft der alten Griechen im vierten Jahrhundert v. Chr., die scheinbar keinen direkten Kontakt zu den Illyrern hatten, machte die Insel zu einer griechischen Kolonie. Die Details der Koloniegründung wurden im "Lumbarda Psephisma" festgehalten, einer Steintafel, die als eines der ältesten kroatischen Dokumente gilt und im Archäologischen Museum in Zagreb zu sehen ist. 


Top 5 Empfehlungen

Korcula is a mix of heritage, gastronomy, beaches and stunning architecture, a mixture reflected in our top five tips:

  1. Korcula Old Town
    An obvious starting point! Korcula's old town is one of the best preserved in Croatia, and offers a wealth of history and spectacular views. Choose a guided tour or simply wander around and lose yourself in its picturesque streets.
  2. Visit Marko Polo's House
    There is no doubting who is the most famous son of Korcula, and you should not miss a visit to the home of Marko Polo. If you are looking for travelling inspiration from the man who almost invented exploring, take in the alleged home of Marko Polo. Part of it is open to the public, so climb the narrow stairs into the loggia, and discover the spectacular view which must have inspired him to dream of other kingdoms in the distance...
  3. Lumbarda Beach
    There are many excellent beaches on Korcula, but the most popular is Lumbarda, located in a small fishing village of the same name some 2km away, which is connected by bus. The waters are shallow, the beach sandy, the village divine, the views spectacular - what better place to spend the day!
  4. Discover Korcula's Wines
    Along with the rest of Dalmatia, the wines of Korcula are enjoying a renaissance, and what better way to discover this beautiful island than on a wine tour of some of the great vineyards? A great combination of views, tradition and some outstanding wines. Don't miss the white variety called Posip, for which Korcula is famous, or the highly unpronouncable Grk, which only grows on sandy soil and so if only available in small quantities. 
  5. Filigree Jewelry-making Class
    If you are interested in seeing some traditional handcrafted jewellery being made then a visit to Seba Dizajn, Ulica dePolo, would be an essential part of your visit to Korcula. Seba Dizajn is located beneath Marko Polo tower, (Marko Polo’s Korcula home) and was opened by Adolf & Ruth Seba in June 2011 to showcase Adolf’s filigree jewellery skills.  The Seba family have been working with filigree jewellery for approximately 500 years. Learn more here



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